Ficus Burgendy Rubber Tree


Rubber plants thrive in bright but indirect light, preferably from south-facing windows (in the Northern Hemisphere). Some variations, like the reddish ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Ruby’, can handle a couple of hours of direct sunlight a day.
This beauty!! Rubber plants, like other houseplants, tend to bend strongly in the direction of sunlight, so it helps to turn the pots around or change locations from time-to-time. Every month or so should work well. When it comes to rubber tree care this is not actually much of a big deal, though, it’s mostly aesthetic unless your plant is really at risk of falling over.
Since they originate from sub-tropical climates, rubber trees do best between 15-25 °C/60-75 °F. For optimal rubber tree care, try not to let the room cool down to below 12 °C/50 °F since it can cause the plants to drop their leaves. It’s also crucial to avoid putting rubber plants in drafty areas, or too close to A/C units or heaters.