Kendama POP Yellow
Kendama POP Yellow
Kendama POP Yellow
Kendama POP Yellow
Bonsai and Cacti

Kendama POP Yellow

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The kendama is a traditional Japanese toy which has evolved into a modern sport. Its a ball, cup and spike game that offers endless hours or peculiar mobility and concentrated action. Many find this activity to be stress-relieving and a good exercise for the body.

For tutorials head over Bonsai and Cacti's YouTube page!

Package Includes:  

Krom Pop Kendama / Tutorial Video / Extra String / String Tool / Mini Poster / 

Extra Bead / 5 Stickers

Designed to play SUPER Easily for begginners and Pros.



Skinny spike and wide tama bevel 

KROM Scope line will keep your eyes fixed to the hole

Chip-resistant grade A beech wood

KROM Rubber paint - Perfectly sticky!

Wider cups for better balance and easier catches

Holographic stickers

Off-center string hole (better for pull-up tricks)