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Concrete Words

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Perfect modern/minimalist gift for youself or a friend. Décor your home with the ultimate tendencies.

Aprox. Measures:

1 3/4" Length (letter M is the wider one)

3/4" Wide

1 11/16" Height







 **NOTE: This product can be order for special order. The time frame for us to manufacture it's about 1 week.

Dekokrete is a local brand since 2015 and establish since 2016. The founder Rosannette Franceschi-Muñoz start making firepit bowls for her outdoor kitchen and then making planters for cactus and succulents. The brand growth was amazingly fast. Among the retailer of the brand are: West Elm in Plaza las Américas, M&M Flower Market in Santurce, Local Story in Dorado, Toronja Rosada in Guaynabo. She has participated in Fundación Cortes in the Old San Juan, Plaza del Caribe, Plaza las Americas, Lote 23, San Patricio Market.  

Her products are perfect for every home and office decoration, for souvenirs etc..